3 Gedanken zu “GREY

  1. Love the „grey“ and the blog! Checking the blog out is becoming my thing to do during breaks I get at work (University at Buffalo). Nice, you did not loose the ability to reach people's senses and emotions, thus reminding me of what I felt at one point or another in my life -via pictures; especially, after what seems to be great success in commercial business. Then again, who wouldn't love to do business with a great-eye phorographer who translates a lot of humanity in his work. After living in the United States for more than half of my life, Huchting seems galaxies away. Anyway, must go back to work, but not without thanking you. Finding your work on line is truly great, and it's sweet of you not to mind so much that I had to bring some of it in my home (I know that Susanne told you). Wishing you much luck in all of your endeavors,


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